Dolphins Treasure

Provider:  Evoplay
RTP:  94.1%
Variance:  Low
Max Win:   x370.00
Betways:  9
Release Date:  2015.11.15

The sea is a beautiful place that still has many undiscovered nooks and crannies, with so much depth that it can make the mind boggle if you think about it for long enough. Various hobbies like scuba diving have helped us see into those depths, while films and cartoons have filled in any blanks we may have. All of which has fed and expanded our imaginations to the point that we’re now desperate to be mermaids and escape our life on land.

Dolphins Treasure is a fabulous way to do just that – to swim free under the waves, with friendly sea creatures showing you the way to a treasure trove of sunken treasure that we’ve only ever dreamed off. Excuse us while we run off and buy a red wig and a purple shell bra.

The bonus game can be seen as the topping on an already extensive cake when playing this 5-reel, 9-payline slot.

Stunning Coral

Evoplay Entertainment have created yet another stunning slot that is simply breathtaking, right down to the control panel; every detail, however seemingly minute, has been lovingly rendered so that the game is as immersive as possible.

On a bed of rocks some coral has grown upward and formed a magical looking matrix lined with a mixture of symbols, both generic and unique, but all in-keeping with the underwater theme that has been created. A broken up ship looms in the background, lit by moonlight from above the water, while a friendly dolphin swims along beside the reels, spurring you onwards. As well as occasionally poking his head up and smiling at your during gameplay.

Five of the symbols are card values, though they have been put together by moss covered rocks, making them look like something you’d come across when snorkeling, while the other five are some very cheerful looking fish, such as a seahorse, stingray and so on. Although the latter of the fish can reward you 2,000 credits, it’s the scatter and wild that herald the most cash bonuses.

The scatter will trigger a set of 10 free spins and will gift you between 45 to 4,500 coins depending on whether you find three, four or five of them. As for the wild, it removes tiles apart from those that are special to the game and will then allocate 4,000 credits to your account, should you see all five upon your reels.

Even though the bonus game would be good enough on its own, there is another one of sorts in the form of a Double Game feature, which allows you to risk your funds in a bid for more money. You’re taken to one large clam this time, in which a white pearl sits, with two options labelled black and red positioned above.

Click the option you think is correct and the pearl will start spinning and will then turn one of the colours; if you guess right you double your cash, but if you guess wrong you lose it.

A Selection of Clams

Regarding the bonus game, gamers will need to locate three of the icons before a selection of seashells present themselves, all of them closed. What you have to do is click upon the ones you wish to open and a monetary amount will be shown, which will then be added to your kitty. There is an empty shell craftily hidden away, waiting to put a stop to this mini level and return you back to the base game.

Bubbling Up

There are bubbles making their way to the surface the whole way through the game, but a sudden appearance of several will occur when you set your paylines, coin amount and cash value. Now do you get the ‘bubbling up’ reference? Clever we know.

You get to decide on the number of coins you wish to stake on any or all of the active paylines in Dolphins Treasure, the actual range between 1 and 200. Moreover, you then choose the amount each coin is worth, which refers to the monetary value of what you stake. This again has a range, only this time it’s from 0.50 to 10.00 credits.

There is an Auto option available here, but there is no way to set how many games play before it stops, which means they spin until a win or loss presents themselves. However, if you want to manually end the option you need only select the same tab that started the reels.

A Life Under the Sea

We dislike appearing bias towards a specific gaming brand, but Evoplay Entertainment is one of the best out there and for obvious reasons – they produce awesome products that are addictive and entertaining, and also very beautiful to look at. Not to mention the payout is exceptional considering the payin is so low.


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