Trojan Kingdom

With Trojan Kingdom, developer Just For The Win’s ‘Kingdom’ range of online slots has gone and made itself a trilogy. What started on firm Ancient Egyptian ground for Scarab Kingdom, then migrated to South America for Amazon Kingdom, and has now shifted to the Ancient Greek world to host Trojan Kingdom. None of the three are the most unique destinations on an iGaming bucket list, yet they are popular choices, all the same, offering stacks of exotic sound and imagery a studio can use to colour their games. Just For The Win has put them to good use in the past two slots; can they repeat the performance?

Presumably, the name Trojan Kingdom relates to the ancient city of Troy, located in modern Turkey and the scene for one of history’s most famous battles. However, Just For The Win has taken advantage of poetic licence to create a huge, cloudy, almost celestial environment, more Olympus than Troy. Either way, it’s a pretty spot that reiterates why Greek mythology has proven to be so enduring down through the ages. Not sure how historically accurate the soundtrack might be, but Just For The Win’s sound team has created some excellent noises which do a nice job of elevating the game’s fun levels, particularly when something special is happening on the board, like a big win.

So far, aside from the location changes and a few tweaks to the features, the three Kingdom slots have been quite similar when it comes to gameplay. Their setups have stayed constant, where Trojan Kingdom is played on a 5-reel, 4-row game panel, with 30 paylines for landing winning combinations of three to five of a kind. In sticking with tradition, Trojan Kingdom is a highly volatile slot with more than one RTP model on offer. Here it maxes out at 96.12%, though it may be found at the lower levels of 94.17% or 92.15%. Any device can be used to play the game, where bets vary from 25 p/c to £/€25 per paid spin.

Symbols begin with eight regular paying tiles. The four lows are J-A card ranks, worth 1 to 1.5 times the stake for five-of-a-kind, followed by vases, lyres, and helms, paying 2-4x the bet for five. The two top-paying symbols are a man and a woman, which can be 4 positions high, landing fully or partially in view. These two types are worth 10 times the stake for a five-of-a-kind win. Lending a helping hand to link winning lines is the wild symbol, substituting for any of the regular pay symbols.

Trojan Kingdom: Slot Features

For features, Trojan Kingdom spreads itself out over bonus symbol collections leading to Wild Scrolls, a pick me Queen’s Bonus, free spins and Super Free Spins.

Bonus Symbol Collection

Each reel has a Bonus Holder located above it. Now, bonus symbols may hit only in the base game, and when they do, they fill in a segment of the Bonus Holder above it. When 3 segments are filled in the same Bonus Holder, the Wild Scrolls feature is activated on the specific reel. Bonus Holders, Wilds Scrolls, and remaining reels are persistent at each bet level.

Wild Scrolls

Wild Scrolls can be active in the base game, free spins, or Super Free Spins. In the base game, when Wild Scrolls are triggered, a Wild Scroll symbol is placed at the top of the respective reel. On each following spin, this symbol scrolls down, covering one additional position on the reel. When the Wild Scroll has covered the whole reel, it is removed on the next spin. Bonus symbols cannot land on active Wild Scroll reels, and free spins symbols can be seen through Wild Scrolls.

Queen’s Bonus

When collecting at least 1 Bonus symbol in the base game, there is a random chance of triggering the Queen’s Bonus, though it cannot be triggered at the same time as free spins. When the Queen’s Bonus is activated, 12 golden objects appear on the screen. Players pick them one at a time to reveal one of the four Bonus Coin types. When 3 identical Bonus Coins are revealed, the corresponding prize is won. This could be blue, green, red or purple, awarding 15x, 40x, 250x, or 10,000x the bet, respectively.

Free Spins

Free Spins symbols land on the three central reels in the base game and landing 3 of them awards an indefinite number of free spins where a 2x win multiplier is used. At the start of the round, Wild Scrolls are active on the third reel, starting at the top of the reel, and if a new wild lands, a Wild Scroll starts from the landing position. Wilds cannot land on active Wild Scroll reels. Free spins end when no more Wild Scrolls are in view.

Super Free Spins

Landing exactly 2 Free Spins symbols in the base game adds 1 point to the Super Free Spins Upgrade Meter. Collecting 20 points upgrades Free Spins to Super Free Spins the next time 3 scatter symbols land, triggering the feature. The meter cannot hold more than 20 points and is persistent at each bet level. For Super Free Spins, the win multiplier is x7 rather than x2, and the round starts with 2 Wild Scrolls active on reels 2 and 4 from the top reel position. Otherwise, the rules are the same as regular free spins.

Trojan Kingdom: Slot Verdict

Greek history or mythology might be about as common as it gets in an online slot, but something doesn’t get to be commonplace for no reason. Just For The Win has made use of the theme in Trojan Kingdom to make a rather handsome-looking and sounding slot. It should offer something for players either on the hunt for a new Hellenic-inspired slot to play or those keen for stop number three in the ‘Kingdom’ range of games. The sounds were especially good at amplifying the more exciting moments, such as big wins or potential big-win teases on the reels. There’s something almost cartoonishly land-based about some of the visuals, but hey, that just adds to Trojan Kingdom’s charm.

Moving from the sensory to the mechanics where Trojan Kingdom is closer in function to Amazon Kingdom than Scarab Kingdom. The main differences between them is that Super Free Spins now have an x7 multiplier compared to the x5 in the previous game and the increased value of the max Queen’s Prize. Where Scarab Kingdom and Amazon Kingdom topped the scales at 5,000x, Trojan Kingdom ups the pot to 10,000x the bet. More than enough of a sweetener to pull in players who like what Just For The Win produced in the last two games for a repeat bash.

To wrap up, Trojan Kingdom was a surprisingly enjoyable game to play. After seeing that the game rules were more or less the same as they were in the previous release, expectations weren’t exactly stratospheric. However, Just For The Win did enough with the sights and sounds to amplify Trojan Kingdom‘s action to exceed those expectations. The end result might not be super creative from a thematic or gaming perspective, but there are definitely fun and good times to be had here for the right participant.


Provider: MicroGaming
RTP: 94.17% RTP Ranges!
Variance: High
Max Win: x10000.00
Betways: 30
Release Date: 2022.12.28 [ i ]


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