Tap Tap Splat

Developer of skill-based arcade games that promotes human ingenuity, Green Jade Games has published Tap Tap Splat, their newest skill-based real-money casino arcade game. 

The game has an entertaining cartoon theme based on the popular game of whack-a-mole. Players are permitted to wager on their splatting abilities and gain prizes.

Prepare for Some Jelly Monster Attacks

The game is the newest addition to the gaming studio’s lobby, which features a variety of exciting skill-based gambling games. Included on the list are games such as Casino Blocks, Jade Puzzle, Cash Quiz, Casino Cash Smash, and Speedy Candy. 

The Arcade Lobby of Green Jame Games is filled with a variety of game types, including puzzles, first-person shooters, and brick breaker games. Green Jade gamers who want to closely monitor their progress might use the leaderboard.

Mark Taffler, the company’s chief commercial officer, reacted to the new release by stating that the game “speaks for itself,” citing the game’s inspiration in the popular whack-a-mole type of games with the addition of a gambling aspect. 

Taffler also emphasized players’ obvious desire for skill-based arcade games during the last year, a trend he feels will continue in the “foreseeable future.” He referred to Tap Tap Splat as a “wonderful addition” to the company’s ever-expanding lobby and praised its ability to properly compete with other slot games on the market.

Game Play Rules for Tap Tap Splat

While smacking charming and colorful jelly monsters about to erupt from their holes, players may expect to gain a substantial amount of positive energy. Prior to the start of each new round, participants are expected to wager on their talents and ability to defeat the leaping monsters. 

After the wager has been put, a new 60-second round begins. During this time, the player must demonstrate his expertise by defeating as many enemies as possible. The larger their incentives, the greater their number of hits. Tap Tap Splat has four distinct monster types: blue, red, purple, and green. Each hue is assigned a certain amount of points.

When the player strikes a bomb and his reward points decrease by 150, the game gets even more engaging. When a player achieves 500 points, the bonus game becomes active. During the bonus game, players get larger payouts without having to worry about explosives detonating.

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