Mega Money Machine

Provider:   Yggdrasil
RTP:  96%
Variance:  Med-High
Max Win:   x10510.00
Betways:  1
Release Date:  2023.11.16

Mega Money Machine – let those three words sink in for a bit. Just imagine having (all legal, of course) an actual money device you could press a few buttons on and watch cash pour out of, like a broken ATM machine. That’d be kind of cool. Now, back in the real world, if this so-called (by some) subjective experience we’re all having is real, we’ve got Mega Money Machine, an online slot from Yggdrasil Gaming and buddies ReelPlay. Mega Money Machine is a single row, single payline style slot with a rare way of operating, which may appear to players fond of basic set-ups.

Mega Money Machine is a basic game in more ways than one. Its setting, for example, is not exactly the most layered game world you’re going to find when betting online. The background looks like an American dollar bill with the quasi-hallucinogenic artwork removed till all that remains is a swirling patterned border. It’s like looking down on a gaming mat, perhaps, or something along those lines, though the shuffling backing track is rather jazzy. In short, Mega Money Machine is a game which keeps things simple in just about all facets.

So, sitting in the middle of everything is a 3 or 4-reel gaming area with 1 payline for wins to be evaluated. We say 3 or 4 reels because players have the option of betting 10 p/c to $/€200 per spin when 3 reels are active (the base bet is 1 p/c to $/€20), or $/€1 to $/€20 when all 4 reels are active (the base bet is 1 p/c to 20 p/c). Kinda confusing on paper, but basically, players bet 10 credits to use 3 reels or 100 credits to play 4 reels. When 3 reels are active, the default RTP is 96%, rising to 96.2% when 4 reels are active, the game being medium/high volatile in both settings.

Mega Money Machine: Slot Features

How Mega Money Machine works is that hitting the spin button sets the grid to motion, and certain numbers may or may not land on certain reels:

  • Reel 1 lands 0, 00, 10, and blanks.
  • Reels 2 and 4 lands 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and blanks.
  • Reel 3 lands 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, and blanks.

The win depends on the combination of numbers that land on the centre payline, if any. The numbers are joined together from left to right to form a win in credits. For example, blank-1-blank-blank pays 1 credit, blank-3-blank-0 pays 30 credits. Hitting 10-10-blank-5 pays 10,105 credits if 4 reels are active or 105 if 3 reels are active.

During each spin, it is possible the positions of reels may shift. If no active reels have landed a value greater than 0, then each active reel that hits a 0 or 00 shifts to the rightmost position. Other reels that were on the right of this reel move left one position. Once at least 1 active reel lands a value greater than 0, no subsequent reels will shift. Reels shift back to their normal positions at the start of a new spin.

Mega Money Machine: Slot Verdict

Mega Money Machine has managed to expand the uniquely novel slot category by one due to its single payline, numerical action. Actually, we reviewed something fairly similar from Red Tiger around this time, and while there are similarities, the differences are rather striking. Where Mega Money Machine is quite Spartan, Red Tiger’s slot Easy Gold is rather lushly designed by comparison. Mega Money Machine is bare bones in all respects, from its basic green background to the relatively low-budget look of the reels. Compared to Easy Gold Mega, Money Machine looks pretty low-budget in general.

Looks aren’t everything in the gaming sphere, but they do make a difference. Anyway, moving onto the gaming side and Mega Money Machine didn’t fare much better, though it might for gamblers who just can’t say no to some single payline shenanigans using numerals instead of colourful symbols to create winning combinations. In that regard, Mega Money Machine is fairly unique; there aren’t a ton of these sorts of games to choose from. One irritating thing is the way the game calculates everything in credits. For sure, it doesn’t take advanced knowledge of mathematics to work out. When 3 reels are active, divide the numbers on the reels by 10 to calculate the total bet multiplier or divide by 100 when 4 reels are active to give the total bet multiplier. Still, it’s not as clearly obvious as the system used in Easy Gold. In Red Tiger’s game, the numbers on the reel were straight bet multipliers, easy.

Easy Gold also wins the max winning potential battle, but not by much. When 4 reels are active in Mega Money Machine, the biggest payout possible is 10,510x the bet. However, on the less exciting 3-reel option, this figure falls all the way back to 1,051x the bet. Big difference, so when factoring that in, plus the fiddly credit system, having to pick between 3 or 4 reels and the overall drab audiovisuals, let’s just say Mega Money Machine gets second place in a pool of about two competing one-line numerically hitting slots.


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