Lucky Blue

Lucky Blue Slot Machine

What does one do when the life on surface just becomes too much too handle? Well, why not just take a free falling dive right into the ocean and let go of all those worries that crawl up and over?

Aquatic life has immense potential to soothe, calm and relax people, and BGAMING – a leading developer of slots and auction services from Austria – has tried to use that phenomenon to a great advantage with ‘Lucky Blue’, a nifty, simple slot where beginners can learn a few tricks of the trade, while veterans can pilot test their stars for the night (or day, for that matter)!

There is a vast blue backdrop to help you settle, while 5 reels with 9 paylines scream ‘back to the basics’. So, just lose yourself in this deep blue marine trench, and hopefully, when your resurface, you will be a tad richer…

But Wait, hasn’t this Been Done Before?

It probably has, more than a handful of times! For example, the Great Blue by PlayTech (released in 2010) seems to have influenced Lucky Blue far more than it should have. This is, however, not at all to strip the developers of the credits.

What stands out in favour of Lucky Blue is the fact that even though the idea isn’t really ground-breaking, they have somehow pulled it off with inane graphics and a curious blend of childishness and maturity.

It All Started at the Bottom of the Ocean

Yes, it did, according to Charles Darwin. So, it’s not too spooky to imagine that most of us do find a certain sense of solace in deep blue surroundings (it’s not our doing – it’s a proven psychological fact!). So, while you already contemplated about whether to put Lucky Blue in that shortlist of real money slots you play daily, it would help if you know the slot a little bit better.

If you are a slot veteran, there’s nothing here that could faze you. But if you are not, then you need to know that all paylines available here are fixed, leaving much to chance and little to skills.

Wagers are modest as this is a classic nickel slot. You can wager up to 9 coins per spin (one per line), and these coins have to bear dollar denomination as designated between 10 cents and $1. In short, the highest amount you could possibly wager per spin while playing Lucky Blue is $9.

It need not be told explicitly that with this height of the cap, it would be very unfair to expect to win thousands of dollars. But hey, things can happen, can’t they?

Sure, They Can!

Lucky Blue’s symbol set credibly recreates a life down below. From aquatically adorned face cards to crabs, sea horses, starfish and turtles, a whole army of adorable marine creatures will occupy much of your slots.

The highest paying among these are the crab and a solid steel anchor. For some strange reason, BGAMING has arranged coin winnings in binary orders. Five-on-five combinations of crabs, for example, yield 128 coins.

Liquid Wilderness

So what you are at the bottom of the ocean? Wildernesses still rule the planet, and as if to symbolize that, we have a special wild symbol – sunken chests of glittery gold bars!

These wilds are incredibly powerful. They can substitute for all regular symbols, all the while doubling the rewards of every combination they are involved in. But that’s hardly it. Five-on-five of the wild itself results into a shocking jackpot of 5,000 coins, while four-on-five combination showers upon your lucky head 1,000 coins.

Not-So-Scary Jaws

A shark is not really a creature many people would look forward to coming across. But here, rules are different. Shark, in fact, is the most fruitful symbol here, since it doubles up as the scatter of this slot.

The deal is fairly simple. Get three sharks (or more), and you are guaranteed a round of 15 no-holds-barred free spins. What’s more, for 3, 4 or 5 appearances of this scatter, your TOTAL wagers will be multiplied by 10x, 50x and 200x respectively! For example, if you wager $1 per line (that is, $9 per spin), and you get 3 scatters on screen, you will immediately be $90 richer (not to speak of 15 free spins). Blue does seem to be fairly lucky for all of us!

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