Jester Jack

Provider:  CT Gaming Jester Jack
Volatility:  N/A
Max Win:  N/A
Betways:  25
Release Date:  2024.03.21

new casino game reviews new casino games online casino Bonus, Jackpot Classic slot game are more popular than ever, and we are here to examine yet another addition to this large family.

Jester’s Jackpot is a video slot game developed by Microgaming and focusing on basic gameplay elements, graphics and features. Players are invited to concentrate on the reels and enjoy an old-school atmosphere, with simple graphics and rules. If simplicity does not put you off, you might want to take a closer look at this game.

To make sure that you know how to make the best out of Jester’s Jackpot, take a few minutes to read our full review of the game and you will be ready to take on the challenge.

Nothing but the Bare Minimum

Jester’s Jackpot is, as promised, a classic and minimalistic slot game with few details and vintage graphics.

The background is light blue with diamond-shaped motives and the game logo in the foreground, adorned with a jester’s hat. The rest of the space is taken by the reels and the paytable on the right-hand side, while all the command buttons are packed at the bottom.

Jester’s Jackpot sticks to the very basic elements that make a slot game worthy of the game, and it could be a turn off for many players who would rather enjoy a more immersive experience.

Hit the Buttons and Let the Game Started

Jester’s Jackpot is, unsurprisingly by now, also a very easy slot game to play. The Microgaming team made sure that any player could get started within seconds, and they succeeded.

The game matrix features only 3 reels and a single payline in the middle. Try to make sure that winning combinations of symbols land precisely on that payline and the cash prizes associated with them will be yours. The size of your winnings depends on the type of symbols involved and the amount of money you are betting. Therefore, do not forget to take a moment to use the command bar below the reels before your place a new bet. The different buttons available will let you adjust your wager to fit your game strategy; and remember that the more you bet, the larger your future rewards will become.

Lastly, keep in mind that you can go all-in with just a click of your mouse on the bet max shortcut. This might sound like a bold move, and it does involve some risks of course, but it will also make the game instantly more interesting.

Line Them up and Hit the Jackpot

The paytable of Jester’s Jackpot is also filled with ultra classic reel symbols, very recognisable and familiar to most players.

The list includes cherries, single bar signs, special jester’s bar signs and a jester’s hat. If it does not sound like much, it simply because this is a much shorter symbol menu than in the vast majority of games out on the market at the moment.

Combining 3 identical symbols on the payline is generally the way to go to win a cash prize, but Jester’s Jackpot also features a couple of more original ways to win some extra cash.

Mixed Combinations to the Rescue

The only semi-original feature of Jester’s Jackpot is the fact that some combinations are mixed and can contain more than one type of symbol.

For instance, cherries can be mixed with two other identical or two different symbols and still award a small cash prize. Bar signs can also be mixed and still award a prize up to 15 times the value of your wager. The rewards depend on the number of coins you put on the table at the start of your spin, either 1, 2 or 3. The paytable will light up accordingly so you can keep an eye on the potential rewards you can score with your current bet settings.

In terms of rewards, Jester’s Jackpot can go as high as a x2400 prize for a jester’s hat combination on the reels with 3 coins in your wager. This is of course not negligible, but the gap between this hard-to-score combination and the more common symbols is still quite wide. You might be stuck scoring average gains for a while before hitting the jackpot.

Nothing Much to See in This Ultra Classic Slot Game

Jester’s Jackpot was designed for hard-core players that want to stick to basic features and enjoy an old-school experience.

If you are looking for a true challenge and are feeling very lucky, and especially if you are not afraid of feeling frustrated, then you might want to give Jester’s Jackpot a try.


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