Crazy Starter

Crazy Starter Slots

We try to review slots from all strata of iGaming world. This includes top-notch high-roller slots, rudimentary penny slots and everything that can be sandwiched between these two ends.

Crazy Starter – the slot we are going to be talking about in this review – lies at the bottom end of this spectrum. But don’t get us wrong – it is, in no way whatsoever, an inferior slot. Replete with entertaining graphics, classic fruit-and-veg sequences, adorable sound effects and high-paying symbols to boot, it brings to the table a complete entertainment package, bundled neatly as a penny slot.

So What If The Wine Is Old…

…the bottle is still new!

That pretty much sums up what Crazy Starter is all about. It is an age-old formula that has been around ever since slots were invented, albeit dressed up in a novel way.

At its core, Crazy Starter is a classic penny slot that has been inspired by a slew of similar slots that used to occupy dingy, dim corners of land based casinos where the centre stage was awarded to bigger ‘players’ like blackjack and poker. But see how times have changed!

It has been estimated that of the total e-revenue generated by various iGaming activities around the world, more than 20% can be easily attributed to pokies and slots alone. And a big chunk of its credit should directly go to simple slots like Crazy Starter.

Too Easy, Eh?!

Veteran slot players – in fact everyone who knows what slots are – will find it incredibly easy to navigate through various functions available in the dashboard of Crazy Starter.

It is a 5-reel and 9-line slot where you have little to do except make wagers and spin. Of course, you can rely on your instincts and decide which lines you want to activate, but that’s pretty much all that there will be as far as your contributions are concerned.

Talking about wagers, Crazy Starter is not that crazy to get started with. Since it is a penny slot, you can wager 1 cent per line in the minimum, while the maximum corresponding number is fixed at $1. To cut the long story short, you can put at stake no more than $9 and no fewer than ¢9 per spin. That’s definitely a good news for the beginners. On the flip side, high-rollers are free to heave sighs of disappointments right here and right now.

Talking Veggies And Singing Fruits – Crazy Much?

Don’t question your sense when you see these sights while playing Crazy Starter, because this slot is all about suspending your imagination and having a heck of a good time.

All regular symbols of Crazy Starter are grouped between happy fruits and angry veggies. Admittedly, they do no pay out spectacularly well, but that’s not even the point here. You will have a great time spinning these trippy reels, and that’s all that matters when we discuss penny slots.

The highest paying regular symbol is an irate capsicum that – for five-of-its kind combinations – rewards your luck with 1,000 coins.

You Can Build On This Crazy Start!

If you thought the start to this penny slot was crazy, you need to brace yourself for some crazier stuff. You can easily build a sizeable bounty here, by adding-up to your base game winnings with some special symbols.

But what are these special symbols? Well, there is nothing out of the box here. But what is here is good enough to look forward to intently.

The solitary wild of this slot is a decorated card screaming ‘wild’. It doesn’t pay out at all, but that hardly means it is of no use. It can substitute every regular symbol, helping you past combinations that are half-cooked and otherwise just useless.

A better deal is offered by the scatter, though. It is a strangely happy worm that – when appearing on the 2nd and the 4th reel – can unlock 15 free spins (given that at least 2 scatters are in view). When this actually happens, the 3rd reel is converted automatically to all wilds. A win-win situation, if ever there was one!

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