Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox

Ever wondered why some people call dollars ‘bucks’? The reason behind it wasn’t as clear cut as originally thought, and there were quite a few online references to buckskins, though not everyone agreed. Indeed, it might be gambling, more specifically poker, that was the culprit. Apparently, back in the 19th century, on the American frontier, a buckhorn handle knife marker was passed around the poker table to indicate whose turn it was to be the dealer. Some believe this led to the phrase ‘pass the buck’ or giving someone else the responsibility of dealing. Later, silver dollars were used as the marker, linking bucks to dollars.

Or thereabouts, since history can be a murky and contested topic, after all. What we do know is that when it comes to winning in general, the bigger the bucks, the better, and some sizable amounts of moolah are up for grabs in Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox, an online slot from developer ReelPlay. The game is built on the Gigablox mechanic, provided by partner Yggdrasil Gaming and is set out in the majestic North American wilderness. Like a lot of other games have been before, for sure, but ReelPlay has redrawn the scene to a pleasing degree, capturing the romantic side of the landscape with the help of a dreamy browny golden palette.

Saddling up for Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox is possible on tablet, mobile, or desktop devices and takes bets of 40 p/c to £/€14 per spin. The game is medium/high volatile and comes with several RTP models with a maximum value of 96%. It’s played on a 6×4 game grid, where the Gigablox mechanic randomly merges reels to create symbols of 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 in size. Any symbol can be a larger symbol, including wilds or coins. When it comes to win evaluations, however, larger symbols are broken down into the regular 1×1 size blocks to work them out. Every spin has at least one Gigablox reel.

Spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts are Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox’s low-pay symbols, and moose, wolves, eagles, and buffalos are the highs. Winning combinations can be three to six-of-a-kind long, and six symbol wins pay 1.25x the bet for the card suits or 2.5 to 5 times the bet for the premiums. Wild symbols have the greatest value at 7.5x the bet for six-of-a-kind, and they can replace any pay symbol to help complete winning lines.

Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox: Slot Features

One more symbol in Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox is the coin symbol which each gets bet multiplier values of 1-1,000x and leads to the game’s main feature. When the equivalent of 6 regular sized coin symbols hit, the Bonus Respin feature is triggered. Now, 3 respins are initially awarded, with the triggering coin symbols stuck to the reels. During respins, only coins or blanks land. When new coins land, they lock to the reels as well and reset the respin count to three.

When a bunch of coins form a square of 2×2 or greater, they merge to create a single Mega Coin. The mega coin gets the value of the coins that made it up multiplied by 2. Moreover, 2×2 and 3×3 sized mega coins can also merge with other coins or mega coins to create larger mega coins.

Lastly, Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox has a bonus buy function for those in relevant jurisdictions. The cost to buy the respins feature is 80x the bet, and it gets you a spin which guarantees at least 6 coins symbols will land.

Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox: Slot Verdict

The American wilderness, buffalos, etcetera aren’t the most original thematic concepts to fill a game, and perhaps the most original thing about Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox is the way coin symbols can merge into larger coin symbols, increasing in value when they do so. It felt like this effect had been used before, but for a while, it was hard to recall exactly where it came from. Presumably, the feature hadn’t done enough the first time around to be enormously memorable. However, a stray word in the game info provided a clue which led back to Mega Pearl Gigablox, and after a refresh, Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox seems like it is essentially a reskin. Some of the stats might be a little different, yet the majority of gaming has remained the same. Pretty much all, really.

The upsizing coin symbol effect is kind of neat and brings something new-ish to the hold ‘n win table. Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox needed it, too, because without the grouping and doubling effect, its bonus round would be a frighteningly dry session of landing coins or not. Then collect the total at the end. That’s it. The grouping mega coin feature might be enough to create a certain level of excitement for hardcore hold ‘n win fans, but it might also pay to come at Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox, not expecting all six shooters to be firing innovation.

On the bright side, potential isn’t bad, as the game tops out at 16,297.5 times the stake. Since that’s never going to happen in the base game, it will take an extraordinary bonus round to crack the figure or get close. Sizeable coin values are possible, so it would appear to be technically possible. Big potential is a plus in a game like this as well, and might be the motivating factor needed to convince the right players to take on Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox since the rest of it didn’t make a huge impression.


Provider: Reel Play
RTP: 94% RTP Ranges!
Variance: Med-High
Max Win: x16297.00
Betways: 40
Release Date: 2023.03.09


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