9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition

Introducing 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition – the latest addition to the beloved 9 Coins™ series developed by the leading game developer, Wazdan. This installment showcases Wazdan’s commitment to enhancing the gameplay experience with innovative features. 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition not only builds upon the existing series but also introduces thrilling new elements.

The inclusion of the Cash Out feature adds a fresh dimension to the gameplay, enabling players to instantly collect cash prizes; a fresh and welcome addition to the series. Another one of the standout features is the brand-new Chance Level, which provides players with an exciting opportunity to expedite their progress toward the bonus game more than ever before. By unlocking the Chance Level, players increase their chances of landing the highly coveted x2500 Grand Jackpot.

Gameplay and features.

In 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition, the action unfolds on a 3×3 grid of reels, where traditional paylines are absent. The primary objective is to reach the bonus game, which in other games in the series was the only place to earn prizes. Here, however, you can also win in the base game, which deviates from the norm of these types of games.

  • Cash Out – In the base game, direct wins from regular symbols are unavailable. Instead, you must land bonus symbols to trigger the Hold the Jackpot Bonus round, where real winnings await. However, the introduction of the Cash Out mechanic adds an intriguing twist. Randomly appearing on any reel, the Cash Out symbol becomes sticky for the next 15 spins. Once the Cash Out countdown reaches zero, if a bonus symbol appears on the reel, you receive the corresponding symbol’s prize. This addition offers an enticing opportunity to cash out during the base game, adding a fresh dynamic to the series.
  • Cash Infinity™ – Within the base game, you may encounter Cash Infinity symbols, which appear at random. These symbols carry a cash prize value ranging from 5x to 15x your stake and remain sticky until their prize is incorporated into your overall winnings during the subsequent bonus round. Furthermore, landing one of these symbols in the middle row heightens your chances of entering the lucrative Hold the Jackpot Bonus round.
  • Chance Level – This feature empowers you to choose from three settings during base game spins. By wagering 2x, 4x, or 6x your stake, you can enhance your likelihood of triggering the Hold the Jackpot Bonus. Opting for 2x your stake grants you a twofold increase in the chance to activate the bonus game while selecting 4x offers a fourfold increase. Naturally, for those willing to bet 6x their stake, the chance of entering the bonus game is amplified sixfold. This element introduces a thrilling risk-reward aspect, allowing players to tailor their experience based on their desired level of anticipation and potential winnings.


  • Hold the Bonus – The Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game takes place on a grid of 9 reels, where every bonus symbol that lands becomes sticky. This bonus round is triggered when the middle row is filled with 3 bonus symbols of any type, causing the triggering symbols (along with any sticky Cash Infinity symbols) to lock in place on a cleared grid. Initially, you are granted 3 respins, and the counter resets with each new bonus symbol you land. The bonus game continues until all respins have been utilized.
  • Jackpot symbols – Within the Bonus game, you’ll encounter Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpot symbols that appear at random, offering prizes of 10x, 20x, and 50x your stake, respectively. The Collector Symbol plays a crucial role by gathering all prize values from Cash and Cash Infinity symbols, which are then amplified by a random multiplier ranging from x1 to x20. Mystery symbols also make an appearance, representing any bonus symbol in the game, except for Cash Infinity. Additionally, Jackpot Mystery symbols have the power to transform into Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpot symbols. These symbol types gradually unveil their hidden rewards as the Bonus game reaches its conclusion.
  • Grand Jackpot – The Grand Jackpot, the pinnacle of rewards in the game, is 2500x the player’s bet and is awarded when all 9 bonus symbols of any type are collected. It’s important to note that the value of Bonus symbols is not added to this jackpot, as it represents the maximum win achievable in the game.
  • Extreme Volatility – For those seeking even more substantial wins, the Buy Feature option allows you to activate the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game at the Extreme Volatility level. This feature provides an elevated level of excitement and the potential for greater rewards compared to other Volatility Levels™.

Design and Soundtrack

Staying true to its predecessors, 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition maintains a simple and pristine design. The focus remains squarely on the bonus game, where a collection of shimmering cash and jackpot symbols grace the reels. The platinum-like color scheme sets it apart from other games in the series, adding a touch of distinction. While the overall design may be relatively modest, the game boasts a clean and polished presentation. In terms of sound, the accompanying soundtrack gives a relaxed atmosphere to the gameplay. The music blends with the background, providing a soothing backdrop for players to immerse themselves in the captivating world of 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition.

The Bottom Line

In the world of Hold the Jackpot slots, the primary goal is to land bonus symbols on the middle row, thereby unlocking the main feature. However, 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition introduces a unique twist compared to its predecessors – the inclusion of a base game Cash Out feature. This addition allows players the opportunity to potentially win during the base game itself, rather than relying solely on the bonus game. This refreshing change breathes new life into the series and offers an engaging experience.

While the game remains well-suited for smaller bets, making it particularly appealing to newer players, it still retains its allure for dedicated fans. 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition presents a blend of familiar mechanics and novel elements, creating an enticing proposition for lovers of the series. If you’ve enjoyed previous installments, it is worth giving this variation a try, as it introduces fresh dynamics and gameplay elements that add excitement to the overall experience.

Provider: Wazdan
RTP: 96.04%
Variance: Adjusted
Max Win: x2500.00
Betways: 1
Release Date: 2023.05.23


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