10000 BC DoubleMax

Provider:   Yggdrasil
RTP:  96%
Variance:  Med-High
Max Win:   x10000.00
Betways:  50
Release Date:  2023.08.10

Let’s see, 10,000 BC, what was going on back then? Without a time machine to hand, we’re limited to web searches to answer that question but suffice it to say, life was very different back then than it is now. Ice ages, clothes made of animal skins, survival of the fittest, inventing just about everything you needed to survive and almost zero in the way of modern comforts. Hungry? Go hunt something. Cold? Rub sticks together and invent fire. Bored? No internet, son; invent a board game or whatever.

It’s in this spirit of invention that we come to 10000 BC DoubleMax from software designer 4ThePlayer. This stone-aged slot mashes together two of partner studio Yggdrasil Gaming’s big mechanics – GigaBlox and DoubleMax. Both mechanics have been used to devastating effect on their own in the past, and the thought of seeing them work together, for the first time, let’s not neglect to add, was a compelling proposal. To dress up this world-first event, 4ThePlayer has made a bright slot, recreating the distant past in colourful splendour. 10000 BC DoubleMax stoked memories of 90k Yeti Gigablox, another bright GigaBlox game, and curiosity was successfully aroused as to how the two features would work together.

Before doing so, it’s time to pick a bet of 20 p/c £/€100 and decide whether to make use of the Golden Bet. The Golden Bet increases the stake by 25% whilst doubling the chance of triggering free spins. With its medium-high volatile math model generating an RTP of 96%, 10000 BC DoubleMax is played on a 5×5 game grid with 50 fixed paylines.

Like everything else in 10000 BC DoubleMax, its pay symbols are big and bright. They include 10-A card ranks as the low pays, and a bear, wolf, woolly rhino, saber tooth tiger, and woolly mammoth as the high pays. A 5-of-a-kind win is worth 0.3 to 0.35 times the bet when made up of royals or 0.4 to 1.5 times the bet for the premiums. A campfire symbol is the wild, substituting for all regular pay symbols.

10000 BC DoubleMax: Slot Features

Joining GigaBlox and DoubleMax, 10000 BC DoubleMax serves up such features as Mammoth Explode, Mammoth Shuffle, and free spins.


GigaBlox are merged symbols which create big blocks of symbols. These GigaBlox symbols count as the individual 1×1 symbols making them up for the purpose of win evaluations.


When winning symbols land, they are removed from the reels, making room for symbols to drop down into the gaps. Each time this occurs, a wild symbol is added to the grid before the positions are refilled. That’s not all. Each win doubles the win multiplier as part of the DoubleMax feature. In the base game, when no more wins hit, the win multiplier is reset for the next spin. In free spins, the win multiplier does not reset until the feature ends.

Mammoth Explode

On random losing spins, the Mammoth may hit the reels to destroy symbols. This causes symbols to drop down, filling gaps and guaranteeing a win. The win multiplier also increases when this happens.

Mammoth Shuffle

On a random losing spin where a large GigaBlox reel appears on the rightmost side of the reels, the Mammoth may hit the reels, pushing the GigaBlox reel to the leftmost side, guaranteeing a win. On subsequent respins, the GigaBlox reel moves one reel at a time to the right.

Free Spins

Landing at least 3 free spins scatter symbols triggers free spins. During free spins, the win multiplier does not reset, and there is a greater chance of Mammoth-related features triggering. To buy free spins, the cost is 100 times the bet.

10000 BC DoubleMax: Slot Verdict

4ThePlayer, they’re an imaginative bunch, not content with churning out cookie-cutter dime-a-dozen, seen-it-all-before slots. Previous experimental outings include games like 10x Rewind, 60 Second Heist, and 9K Kong in Vegas, to name but three. When it comes to doing something no one’s ever done before 10000 BC DoubleMax is a prime example. This world first brings together two popular online slot features in one place and lets them strut. Of the two, DoubleMax was the standout feature during the test session. Not disrespecting what GigaBlox can do, but when you’re blasting through a bonus round with ridiculous multiplier numbers racking up, there’s nothing quite like it.

Seriously, the first bonus round during the session pumped out the sort of multipliers which can turn the most humble royal symbol win into something special. In that regard, 10000 BC DoubleMax performs alongside the upper-tier DoubleMax slots. Maybe not pushing Raptor DoubleMax off the podium, but up there nonetheless. What’s good is 4ThePlayer hasn’t just introduced the two features to each other and called it job done. To help prevent DoubleMax from eclipsing GigaBlox, 4ThePlayer has cleverly incorporated those two Mammoth features – the Mammoth Explode and the Mammoth Shuffle. Potentially fun when they trigger, as they both guarantee a win while shining a spotlight on the GigaBlox side of 10000 BC DoubleMax.

To sum up, what could have been a feature (or gimmick) overload turned out to be an entertaining amalgamation of two potent gaming mechanics. Roll it all together with a 10,000x the bet top prize, eye-grabbing optics, uniquely inventive gameplay, and an ability to do things no other slot can makes 10000 BC DoubleMax a classic 4ThePlayer release.


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