Platinum Lightning

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Platinum Lightning Slots

Mythologies are great sources of entertainment, no doubt. But more than that, they have the power to inspire people, keep them moving forward and teach them lessons not-so-hard way. So, it’s not really a wonder that the strongest of human civilizations all invariably boast of amazingly thought-out and sculpted mythologies – ones that we are still awed by.

Bringing some of the most popular and powerful mythic characters from Greek, Scandinavian, Nordic and Roman mythologies, BGAMING has created one gem of a nickel slot – ‘Platinum Lightning’ – to cast a heavenly spell upon all the slot lovers who can’t help but crave for their regular doses of mythological slots!

Power & Glory

Paths of glory are often crossed by paths of power. It is through this dreaded occurrence that many mistake power for glory, and what follows is their fall from grace – even if they are gods amongst men.

This is exactly the idea that is being explored through the psyche of Platinum Lightning. With an assorted cast of mythological gods, demi-gods, heroes and heavenly beasts juxtaposed quite brilliantly against golden-reddish background, every effort has been made to capture the attention of players.

We really take the first impressions seriously. And as far as those go, Platinum Lightning has left little room for improvement. But these are just hors d’oeuvres, and the entrée is still to be served…

Order Amidst Chaos

When such a legion of celestial and earthly forces comes together, it’s pretty understood that chaos of uttermost grandeur is bound to be born. Providing much-needed stability amidst all this chaos is the gameplay of Platinum Lightning. It is neither unimaginative nor predictable, meaning that somehow, BGAMING – the developer of the slot – has managed to strike the most delicate of resonant notes.

While its 5×3 reels are adorned with unperturbable forces, the gameplay hinges solely upon the mood of 25 paylines. These 25 lines will be the difference between bets turning into jackpots and bets burning into empty nothings. Keep in mind, though: In Platinum Lightning, combos are validated only from the left hand side to the right hand side. So, if you get a winning combination from the right to the left, tough luck to ya!

Bringing the Hammer Down

You need to bring the pricing hammer (gavels won’t do!) down quickly and in time to make sure that you have optimum wagers in place. BGAMING allows players to put at stake only one coin per line, and this coin can be valued between 10 cents and $1. So, if you are all in readiness to Bet Max, be sure to (hopefully temporarily) part ways with $25!

Regular symbols are quite eclectic, with Amazons, Unicorns, Medusa, Mermaids, Themis, and Neptune etc. making the cut. These pay out decently (just about good enough to recuperate your wagers). The real moolah, however, is hidden in plain sight…

A Ship of Theseus

That famous paradox will soon be hovering in front of your eyes as you try to make your way through this maze with the help of special symbols. But what are these special symbols? We’ll try to answer.

Of Minotaur, Sunken Ships & Lightning Bolts

These three seemingly unconnected symbols make up for the most powerful group here in the world of Platinum Lightning. The first of the lot, an ancient about-to-be sunken ship, is the wild. It helps you solve tricky combinations by allowing for substitutions of all regular symbols. But there’s a solid punch in its tail. All the combinations along active paylines that are completed using these powers of the wild are automatically multiplied by 77x, 777x and 7777x for 3, 4 or 5 wilds respectively.

Next in the rank is the scatter of this amazing slot – lightning bolt that can be traced back directly to the God of Gods, Zeus himself. While unlike many slots, this scatter doesn’t unlock free spins, it surely brings something more interesting to the table. If you find yourself in a position where 3, 4 or 5 of these bolts are turning your screen into a legit electrocution chamber, perhaps the biggest source of comfort would be the knowledge that these very bolts will turn your active-line wagers 7x, 77x and 7777x respectively!

The Minotaur plays bonus here. 3 or more of these bonus symbols anywhere in view unlock 10 completely free spins.

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