Mega Ball

Provider:  Evolution
RTP:  95%
Volatility:  N/A
Max Win:   x100000.00
Betways:  N/A
Release Date:  2020.04.08

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Mega Ball from Evolution Gaming is a live game that plays out like a combination of traditional lottery and bingo. It’s all about getting as many win lines as you can per card you buy, and the big attraction is the Mega Ball bonus round where you can benefit from a multiplier boost up to 100x your stake (and max wins up to 100,000x your stake in total).

The game is rather fast-paced, and as you fill the lines it just gets more and more exciting to see which multiplier you might benefit from this time. You only need to fill one line to win back your bet, so it’s not really that hard to stay afloat here. The RTP of Mega Ball Live has been estimated to be between 95.4 % and 95.05 %, which leaves you with a House edge of 4.6 to 4.95 %. More or less in the same ballpark as online slots, in other words.

The live environment gives you a taste of the authentic casino experience, and you can chat with the live dealer if you wish. All you need to do is set up the randomized numbers on your card, and lean back to see how it all plays out. You can play with as many as 200 game cards per Mega Ball round, and you can bet between 10p and £100 per card, depending on what kind of gambler you are.

How does Live Mega Ball work?

Once you have purchased your desired number of cards, and decided on the bet value for each card, the drawing starts. You’ll see a classic lottery ball drawing machine in the background, and it’s this beauty that decides your destiny from now on.

A total of 20 balls will be drawn for each game round, and the pace is fast enough to keep you on your toes all the way. A neat feature for players who prefer to play with many cards, is that the cards move around during the gameplay. The cards with best winning chances are moved to the top, so you always get to see the most exciting cards all the time. All drawn numbers are displayed above the cards, and you also see your potential winnings here.

What are the bonus features?

After the last ball has been drawn, there is a dramatic shift of the lighting in the live studio, and this is when the game’s only bonus feature kicks in. The user interface will now highlight the ideal numbers for you to win, as the Mega Ball Multiplier of 5x to 100x is generated.

If you’re lucky enough to complete a line on your card with the drawn multiplier ball, the multiplier value will be applied to the whole card, which means all your winnings will benefit. Once in a blue moon a second Mega Ball Multiplier will be drawn, but you will only benefit from whichever of the two Mega Balls has the highest multiplier value. This does not happen all that often however, but it’s a nice extra bonus feature that can kick in when you least expect it.

What is the jackpot (max win)?

In Mega Ball you win per line you fill with drawn numbers, and how much you win also depends on the multiplier. It all works as follows:

  • 1 full line equals 1x – 100x your stake
  • 2 full lines equals 5x – 500x your stake
  • 3 full lines equals 50x – 5,000x your stake
  • 4 full lines equals 250x – 25,000x your stake
  • 5 full lines equals 1,000x – 10,000x your stake
  • 6 or more full lines equals 10,000x – 100,000x your stake

The max win is thus 100,000x your stake, which means that you could have won up to £10 million here, if Evolution had not decided to cap the max win at £500,000. This is really the biggest drawback and disappointment in this game, as a cool million would have been an even more suitable and attractive potential.

Where can I play Mega Ball?

You can play Mega Ball for real money at one of the listed casinos below: Where to play Mega Ball.

Don’t want to play for real money? No problem, you can easily play the demo for free here at SlotCatalog: Play Mega Ball for free.

Of course, you can also play Mega Ball on your mobile and tablet devices, as all Evolution Gaming live games are available to be streamed in crystal clear HD quality on your Android, iPhone or iPad. This gives you the freedom to play wherever you want. Chase the big wins while on the go, or from the comfort of your own living room.

SlotCatalog verdict

Mega Ball is a very attractive live game due to it’s fast-paced action and solid potential. Every session builds up to a very exciting climax when the multiplier ball is drawn in the end, and the decent RTP value and flexible bet levels make this ideal for all sorts of player types. It can be a good idea to not bet more than £5 per card, as that’s the exact bet level needed to be able to win the game’s capped max win of £500,000.


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