Hawaii Cocktails

Hawaii Cocktails Slot Machine

Golden, shining sun overhead and calm, fuzzy sea-breeze flowing you by, deep blue stretches of vast ocean and endless streaks of white-sand beaches!

This is what one is forced to think when the word “Hawaii” is uttered. But there’s much more to Hawaii than just what nature has bestowed! Hawaiian culture, for example – and, of course, their authentic, eccentric and tasty culinary customs! A big part of this culture is reflected much too brightly in various Hawaiian cocktails that have now reached distant corners of the world.

If you are a cocktail connoisseur, you love to travel around a lot and you harbour a love-hate relationship with slot gaming, then there is no slot that is better suited to your disposition than Hawaiian Cocktails, by BGAMING. Featuring 5 reels and 9 lines, this slot is full-to-the-brim with bonuses and surprises!

Talk About Dreaming!

Dreaming without a purpose is no fun, it’s just reverie. But Hawaiian Cocktails is finally here to give your dreams of the sun and sand some solid sense of purpose and direction. The moment you launch it, you are greeted with a beautiful view of sprawling seascape where serenity and positivity reign high.

The whole scene is topped off brilliantly with some superb sound effects that include everything between cool EDM beats and soothing ukulele instrumentals. In short, playing Hawaiian Cocktails is in itself a hugely rewarding experience.

Talking about rewards, let’s move our discussion to more worldly matters…

Say Aloha to Your New Slot Favourite!

If you fit the kind of description we had provided in the opening bursts of this article, then you are quite likely to soon fall in love with Hawaiian Cocktails and everything it seems to stand for.

As if its brilliant design and theme weren’t enough to wow us, BGAMING brings in further pleasant surprises in the form of simple, realistic gameplay that does not faze newcomers. Hawaiian Cocktails is a penny slot, and penny slots – by definition – are usually meant to be played by players who either don’t wish to invest too much money in stakes, or who are just finding their feet in the world of slots. That’s a good reason to expect penny slots to be basic and rudimentary. That, however, is not the case. So, when a slot like Hawaiian Cocktails sticks to basics, we are quite thrilled to point it out to our avid readers.

Mix it, Stir it, and Drink it!

That’s what usual cocktail recipes go like. Playing Hawaiian Cocktails is somewhat similar, as you have to mix your innate intuition with on-screen reality, stir the findings into places in order to arrive at some solid plans and finally, supposing that everything falls into the groove, drink the sweet concoction of your luck and labour.

Five reels with 9 paylines is a standard, formulaic way that BGAMING slots love to adopt. Hawaiian Cocktails is no exception to that. Similarly, the common system of one-coin-wagers holds true here, too. Coin values have to be limited between two terminals of 1 cent and $1.

Experienced slot players really should have no trouble while getting to understand this system. Newcomers can hope to come to grips with it in a span of two or three spins.

Note: Serve When Lucky!

That’s the most important piece of advice you’ll ever hear. Serve all these fancy Hawaiian Cocktails when you are feeling lucky!

The base game includes a slew of various cocktails (along with a few face cards) that pay up to 1,000 coins for five-of-its-kind combinations. Again, it is a fairly standard practice. To make things more interesting, we need help from the wild of this slot. A coconut plays that role here, dishing out a significantly non-BGAMING-esque jackpot of 50,000 coins for 5-on-5 combination.

Similarly, the scatter – a beautiful Hawaiian hummingbird – can offer 10 free spins for three or more appearances. If you get 5 scatters in any position whatsoever, you can witness your wagers getting multiplied by – wait for it – a 1,000x multiplier. A trip to Hawaii can hardly get any better than this!

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