Fantasy Park

Fantasy Park Slot Review

Childhood memories occupy a special corner of everyone’s mind. And a common theme for such memories all over the world is the local fair, park or carnival.

Just imagine the sights and sounds of these places, and we can guarantee that you will get lost in reminiscing those sweet memories for a minute or two. Fantasy Park takes you right amidst joyrides, Ferris wheels, rollercoasters and a variety of street foods.

But what about the slot game’s win potential? Read our review of the Fantasy Park slot to find out whether our team thought it could break the bank.

What You Need to Know About Fantasy Park

The very first thing that you would probably be better off knowing about this classic mobile video slot designed, developed and distributed by BGAMING is the fact that it is one heck of a ride. While testing the game for our Fantasy Park review, we thought that this slot was one you’ll want to return to.

Like many SoftSwiss slots, Fantasy Park has 5 standard reels and 9 fixed paylines. While we like to emphasize whenever we can that we absolutely love to have flexible paylines that leave some room for the skill factor, we would refrain from doing so here, simply because Fantasy Park was explicitly aimed at entertainment, and not sheer business (precisely why you can even play it with virtual coins for as long as you like).

Just as we had anticipated, Fantasy Park allows you to wager only one coin per line per spin. The real money value of this coin can be anywhere between 1 cent and $1 (incremental steps of 1 cent). So, even in the strictest sense of the word, Fantasy Park is indeed a penny slot.

Now, Some Moolah!

Traditional carnivals and fairs are all about having fun, even when it means you have to spend a bit of cash here and there. However, as our review team found out while playing the Fantasy Park slot, this game is a tad different. Here, when you make wagers, there is a good chance that you will be able to win it all back – and then some!

Fantasy Park has very insignificant house edge (2.35%). Among various slots that we have reviewed here, very few contenders can beat Fantasy Park on that count, and for that reason alone, beginners and novices can feel much more at ease here.

The majority of regular symbols used are face cards. But mind you, they are not your regular run-of-the-mill cards. The Fantasy Park slot game’s symbols have been designed superbly well to blend in seamlessly with the theme, and they all carry the names of various rides – a very nice touch that our reviewers loved.

But that’s pretty much it, as far as these regular symbols are concerned. They are a great help in recovering your wagers, but if you wish to score some heavy profits in the Fantasy Park slot game, the review team agreed that it’s best if you turn to special symbols.

Meet the Merry Clown

Our Fantasy Park review also turned up that the biggest attraction at this park is the Merry Clown – the wild of the slot. It can appear on all five reels, and combinations involving 3, 4 or 5 of this symbol are good enough to stuff your bounty-bag with 125, 750 and 5,000 coins, respectively. In short, if you Bet Max and hit five wilds, you could be at least $5,000 richer!

The scatter symbol of this slot pales in comparison, though. It is a power testing machine (‘High Striker’). There is one add-on to this that might turn the tables in your favor. If you get at least one ‘Super Scatter’ symbol on screen, it can turn all the regular scatters into special scatters that also double up as expanding wilds!

At least two of these Super Scatter symbols on your screen can unlock 10 free spins for you. And the best part is that all of the special symbols can be regenerated within free spins too. Boy, this park does pack a serious punch!

Fun on the Go

For our Fantasy Park review, our expert team tested this online slot game on all devices and were pleased to confirm that it ran super-well on Desktop, mobiles and tablets. Whether you’re browsing from Android or iOS, you can take this colorful little pick-me-up title with you wherever you go.

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